Stephanie and Mike

Stephanie and Mike

14th September 2023   –   Middleton Lodge Estate, Richmond

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How we both met

We met at university in Brisbane in 2011 and were in the same social circles. It wasn’t until late 2013, when Mike walked Steph home one night after a party that the love story began.

The Wedding Venue

The Walled Garden at Middleton Lodge Estate.



Why we chose to have a celebrant wedding ceremony

We live in Australia, where celebrant weddings are the norm. It makes sense to find someone who you connect with, have shared values with and is an expert in putting together ceremonies! Jo came with suggestions for us and was open to how we envisaged our ceremony.

Ideas about what our ceremony could have looked like

Relying on our personal experiences of attending other celebrant weddings, we knew it would be personalised to us. However, when Jo did the first ceremony run through via Zoom, we were blown away with how tailored and special she had made it.

The best part of the ceremony for us

Listening to our story in front of our loved ones.

What our guests said about our wedding ceremony/day

Some of our guests actually assumed Jo was a relative or family friend, because how well she seemed to know our story and how she was emotionally tuned in to the ceremony. Even before the wedding, we felt the warmth and support radiating from Jo via her attentive emails and Zoom meetings.

Some of our fav wedding suppliers and why we chose them

We planned the whole wedding from Australia, so we focused on picking suppliers that we thought matched our vibe but had also worked at the venue before. We figured that would eliminate any variables for us. Being on the other side of the world meant we didn’t get to meet many of our suppliers, other than via Zoom, until the big day. Everyone was so lovely and friendly, all those emails were brought to life!

  • Photography by Rebecca Kerr Photography
  • Videography by Adam from Pittstop Films
  • Hair by Emily Hawkes Hair
  • Make Up by Amy George Makeup
  • Flowers by Helen from Bels Flowers
  • Vintage Double Decker Bus supplied by Weardale Transport
  • Photobooth supplied by The Instant Photobooth
  • Tuxedos hired from Frank Bird
  • Dress from Jane Hill Bridal (managed to have two creases on it despite the 23-hour flight over from Melbourne!).

Three words that sum up our ‘Love Jo’ experience!

Warm, loving and Special…