Kirsty and Martyn

Kirsty and Martyn

12th January 2024   –   Runa Farm, Barnard Castle

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How we both met

Our story began in 2013 when we were bright-eyed apprentices at work. Despite being in different teams, we often socialised as a group. It wasn’t until after two years of working together that our friendship evolved into something more romantic. We started off as friends, enjoying outings to the cinema and other activities, before our relationship blossomed into something truly special.

The Wedding Venue

Runa Farm

Why we chose to have a celebrant wedding ceremony

We opted for a celebrant-led wedding because we wanted a ceremony that felt truly personal and relaxed.

The flexibility allowed us to tailor every aspect to reflect our relationship and values. By choosing this route, we were able to create a meaningful and intimate experience for ourselves and our guests, free from the constraints of a traditional registrar-led wedding.



Ideas about what our ceremony could have looked like

We envisioned a ceremony full of joy and love!  We also wanted to incorporate our dog, Pepper, as our ring bearer, on our special day. It was important that we were able to seamlessly integrate her into the ceremony and allow for any unexpected moments that come along with including pets.

Having someone who understood our desire for a fun and inclusive celebration, including our fur baby, was paramount in making our wedding day truly memorable. Jo supported us through every step of the planning process and exceeded our expectations by bringing our vision to life.

The best part of the ceremony for us

The Raw Moments! We absolutely loved the genuine, unplanned moments during our wedding ceremony. Martyn’s premature “I do” brought laughter and warmth, while Pepper’s playful dash down the aisle with the rings added an overwhelming sense of realness.

We’re grateful to Kirsty from Chuck Tails for gracefully handling Pepper’s antics and bringing her back with the rings. These spontaneous moments added an extra layer of personality to our ceremony, making it truly unforgettable for us and our guests.

What our guests said about our wedding ceremony/day

Our guests found our wedding to be both beautiful and deeply personal.

It was important to us to strike the right balance of fun, emotion, and authenticity, so we are so happy to know that our efforts paid off. Hearing that our guests laughed and cried in equal measure confirms that we succeeded in creating a ceremony that truly resonated with everyone.

Some of our fav wedding suppliers and why we chose them

  • Love Jo – Obviously! From our first meeting with Jo we knew she was the celebrant we wanted to work with. She is so warm and welcoming and was able to put us at ease throughout the whole process. We cannot thank her enough for guiding us through the most important day of our lives.
  • Chuck Tails – Kirsty’s expertise with dogs was evident from the start, instantly winning over our beloved Pepper and easing our worries. Despite Pepper’s occasional nervousness, Kirsty skillfully managed her throughout the day, ensuring she didn’t disrupt the proceedings. Even when Pepper got spooked during the ceremony, Kirsty handled it with professionalism, turning a small hiccup into a memorable moment.
  • MUBYLeigh – Leigh is simply incredible at what she does! I discovered her on Instagram while searching for a natural and glowy makeup artist, and I was instantly impressed. Leigh’s calming presence helped ease my nerves throughout the morning and I couldn’t have been happier with the finished look – I felt like an absolute princess.
  • Steven McDonald – Steven captured every special moment with such skill and creativity. From candid shots to beautifully posed portraits, every photo truly captured the essence of our day. His professionalism and friendly demeanour made us feel at ease throughout the entire process. We couldn’t be happier with the stunning images, allowing us to relive our magical day for years to come.
  • Love is Lovely Wedding Films – Jodie’s talent as a videographer shines through even in the 1-minute teaser we’ve received. She has a remarkable ability to capture intimate moments flawlessly, and her presence on the day was subtle yet effective. We’re eagerly anticipating the full video and have full confidence that it will exceed our expectations.
  • Rooted up north – Megan surpassed our expectations for our wedding day, helping us bring our dreams to life. From the stunning bouquets and table décor to the adorable flower collar for Pepper, everything was perfect. Her guidance on impactful choices and budget-friendly options was invaluable, ensuring our day was both beautiful and within our budget. We’re incredibly grateful for Megan’s talent and dedication in creating such memorable arrangements and styling for our special day.
  • Elizabeth George Bridal – The girls were incredibly helpful and accommodating throughout the dress fittings for me and my-        bridesmaids.  The selection of dresses was stunning and their dedication to customer service and making our experience memorable was amazing and helped me find the dress of my dreams!

Three words that sum up our ‘Love Jo’ experience!

Authentic, Joyful, Personal…