Glen and Caroline

Glen and Caroline

12th August 2023   –   Wylam Brewery, Newcastle

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How we both met

On holiday in Turkey in 2013!

The Wedding Venue

Wylam Brewery.

Why we chose to have a celebrant wedding ceremony

We wanted to make our wedding more about us and feel totally unique to us.

Ideas about what our ceremony could have looked like

We wanted our wedding ceremony to reflect our personalities – we wanted it loads of fun, totally upbeat and memorable.

The best part of the ceremony for us

The best part of our wedding ceremony was watching everyone of our guests completely enjoying themselves, as we did!


What our guests said about our wedding ceremony/day

Our guests said that our wedding was ‘the best wedding they have ever been to, and never experienced anything like it’.

Some of our fav wedding suppliers and why we chose them

We were so so happy with all of our wedding suppliers on the day, it was perfect. With a special mention to go to:

  • Jo obviously! Jo took our guests on a complete journey of love, the day was filled with happiness, tears of joy and laughter!
  • Joe from Foto Couture!  Our photographer was an absolute cool dude!
  • Rachel from One Stop Events! Our event dresser, beautiful displays really capturing our theme perfectly!

Three words that sum up our ‘Love Jo’ experience!

WOW! This is hard to do in just 3 words  Unique, Memorable & Intimate. How you can make a room of 130 guests fully engage in another’s love story is truly magical! WE LOVE JO!

(Love you both and thank you for the beautiful words – made my day) x