Gen and Dan

Gen and Dan

7th October 2023   –   Wylam Brewery, Newcastle

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How we both met

We met in a club called CCTV, in Newcastle University’s Students’ Union, during Gen’s last night out of first year. Dan was in Newcastle visiting a friend. Six months later we became official and the rest is history.

The Wedding Venue

Our wedding was at Wylam Brewery. We both love beer so this was the perfect place for us! The team went above and beyond to make our day a success!

Why we chose to have a celebrant wedding ceremony

We wanted something more personal and less formal than you get with a legal registrar. Having done the legal bits beforehand, we were so glad that we still had Jo’s ceremony, which reflected us better as a couple, to look forward to.

My mum is also a celebrant so we knew how wonderful doing it this way could be.

Ideas about what our ceremony could have looked like

There were some things that we knew we wanted like a memory candle and drinks during the ceremony (another bonus of using a celebrant). But, filling out Jo’s unique questionnaire beforehand gave us so many other ideas for a ceremony that would be perfect for us.

The best part of the ceremony for us

There was laughter and lots of it!

What our guests said about our wedding ceremony/day

They loved how laid back the actual ceremony was because that reflects us as people.

So many people have since complimented us on being married this way.

Some of our fav wedding suppliers and why we chose them

  • Hamish Irvine – He honestly takes the most colourful photos that we’ve ever seen.
  • Doh’hut – A Leeds-based donut shop that we love. We go every other week at least, so it was a no-brainer to have these at our wedding instead of a cake!
  • Flat Cap Brass – We were a bit nervous about booking a brass band for our dance floor but these guys were incredible. They kept everyone dancing all night long. We had nothing to worry about!
  • Jo – of course! She set the tone for the rest of the day so wonderfully. She is amazing.

Three words that sum up our ‘Love Jo’ experience!

Just, Book, Jo…

(I just love your three words) Jo x