Emily and Matt

Emily and Matt

9th May 2024   –   Middleton Lodge Estate, Richmond

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How we both met

We met at work, we were both just young teenagers but didn’t speak for a few years (after secretly dancing each other!) we started to get out onto similar shift patterns and realised we had similar interests and the same sense of humour so shifts became really fun together. We had never met outside of work until one snowy night we started messaging and met up in the cold for a little snowy walk, we talked about everything and fell in love there and then that night, there was something different about it as we no longer felt like work colleagues but friends.  We were friends for a while which gave us an amazing foundation to build our relationship on when that blossomed when we finally told each other how we felt a couple of years later.  We didn’t want to loose our friendship but it was the best thing we ever did!  Now we’re still best friends and husband and wife!

The Wedding Venue

After an intimate legal ceremony at old Marylebone town hall in London, we decided to have our main event at Middleton Lodge – We fell head over heels for it upon our first visit as have already been back for staycations 3 times!

The fig house and beautiful gardens were the perfect Mediterranean style we wanted and when the sun came out it was everything we ever dreamed of!

Why we chose to have a celebrant wedding ceremony

After working in the industry for almost a decade.   I had worked thousands of weddings and the ones I loved most were ones that really were personal to the couple.  We knew we were going to have an intimate day with just our special people,  which meant we could spend lots of time with the people we treasure.

I find legal ceremonies a little boring and impersonal so the fact everything else was so personal to us, we wanted our ceremony to be just that too!

We wanted our story told, our guests to laugh and enjoy walking down memory lane with us as we tied the knot and realising how truly special the day was to us.

Ideas about what our ceremony could have looked like

Yes, I realised that a celebrant ceremony could pretty much be anything we wanted.  I knew we would be able to incorporate parents and friends into it, and all of our guests at parts too!

The best part of the ceremony for us

Everything about our ceremony was perfect and so personal but my favourite part was getting to exchange personal vows.  It meant so much to us with it being more relaxed and less pressure, just lots of love around us!

I also loved seeing Jo’s smiley face at the end of the aisle after getting to know her while working on the ceremony together, and her visiting me that morning.  Nothing felt overwhelming at all for us, we were so happy to see Jo, and for her to conduct our ceremony.

We were both truly ourselves in this environment!

What our guests said about our wedding ceremony/day

Our guests loved our ceremony!

They said it was so personal, funny and the attention to detail was amazing.  Lots of people hadn’t realised it was an option and found it really heartwarming and commented on how much of a great decision it was – they loved being involved too!


Some of our fav wedding suppliers and why we chose them

All our suppliers were so great and delivered my vision exactly!

  • The flowers that adorned the gardens were done by Edwina Lowe Florals and it was a sea of white early summer florals across the tables and throughout the ceremony – she really is fantastic and understood exactly what I wanted, I’ve never seen such beautiful flowers.
  • Our photographer Emmylou also deserves a special mention as she was fabulous and I always knew I had to find a way to have her at the wedding, our photos are amazing and well worth the investment.
  • Liam from big shout band (Jonny Ross Music) also played our ceremony and cocktail reception – he was amazing and it was so special to hear our ceremony songs live on the guitar.  He even learnt a few of our favourites to play for our signing the certificate and champagne tower!

Three words that sum up our ‘Love Jo’ experience!

Personal, so Friendly & Memorable!

Photography by

Emmylou Kelly - https://emmyloukelly.com/wedding-photography/