Dom and Bekah

Dom and Bekah

3rd November 2023   –   Runa Farm, Barnard Castle

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How we both met

We met on the 17th October 2016, we were both at university in Leicester.  I really didn’t want to go out on a night out but my friend insisted, so I eventually agreed. On the walk there my friend ran up to two men in front of us and started talking to them, she then saw some of her course friends up ahead and ran off leaving me with these two men (I text her telling her if I’m murdered it is her fault!).  Dominic was one of the men.  We walked to the club together, exchanged numbers in the 15 minutes it took to walk there, and he told me to text him if I couldn’t find my friend, and that he would walk me home. The student night was called shebang, Dom is still in my phone at  ‘Dom shabang’ and im in his phone as ‘Bekah from last night’.

(One of Jo’s favourite meet stories ever)

The Wedding Venue

Runa Farm.

Why we chose to have a celebrant wedding ceremony

We wanted something special, unique to us and full of love and laughter. We were desperate for our wedding to be personal and to tell our story and we knew we couldn’t get that any other way.


Ideas about what our ceremony could have looked like

We wanted the ceremony to be very personal and full of our love and our story.  Jo made sure we got exactly what we wanted, she explained everything so well and made sure we knew we could have whatever we wanted in our ceremony.

The best part of the ceremony for us

The best part of our ceremony was when Jo told our unique story, and our vows; it was such an emotional, but beautiful moment we’ll never forget.


What our guests said about our wedding ceremony/day

Our guest said the ceremony was unreal, funny, heartfelt and so emotional, there wasn’t a dry eye in the building.

Some of our fav wedding suppliers and why we chose them

  • The Artisan Wedding House- She brought my vision to life and made everything so easy. We didnt have to worry about a thing!
  • Faye Garnett Makeup- Faye was so lovely, she made everyone feel so at ease and she made us feel so beautiful.
  • The Silver Sixpence Curvy Bride- They made a daunting process so easy, they were so lovely, made me feel so beautiful.

Three words that sum up our ‘Love Jo’ experience!

Unreal!  Beautiful & Emotional.