Let us capture your magic. Together we can create your dreamCeremony?

What matters to you is what’s important. So let's capture your magic and create your dream ceremony... From stylish city chic to rustic outdoor wonders, from lavish lawn extravaganzas to river edge camper vans, from hundreds of loving guests seated in stately homes to an exclusive heart felt few on the shore edge.

Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony should be as unique as you and your relationship.

Prices from: £600

Do you want a wedding ceremony that is fabulous, flawless and unforgettable?

Your ‘Wedding Ceremony’ can be held in your favourite place, any time of the day or evening. Telling your uniquely magical story, with the people you hold so dear to you.

I will work with you to create your ‘limited-edition’ wedding ceremony which will be made up of all the love, laughter, tears and life stories you share. There are no off-the-shelf templates. Your ceremony is your unique love story told in your authentic way. I will design and deliver your celebrant ceremony for you and only you. It can be as personal or flamboyant as you want. The additions of meaningful ancient symbolic actions make for an unforgettable and inspiring wedding day. Once your legal paperwork is completed you are free to explore and have the ceremony which tells of only 'your love story'.


Vow Renewal Ceremony

A Vow Renewal Ceremony – Tells your story of your past and your future together

Prices from: £450

Do you want a Vow Renewal Ceremony which tells of your love story in all its glory?

A ‘Vow Renewal Ceremony’ enables us to concreate and reaffirm our wedding or civil partnership vows and promises already taken. Vow renewals are wonderful after a year, ten, twenty-five or fifty years. Your family and friends, your circle of life, standing together as you tell your story of the years of love shared and what these people witnessing your day mean to you both. Sharing another vow or promise for the years ahead and how this looks to you, told in your uniquely wonderful way.

What is important in this celebrant ceremony is the demonstration of your ongoing love and commitment to each other and this can be as intimate or extravagant as you wish.


Commitment Ceremony

Your Commitment Ceremony – Enables you to tell the world ‘I am committed to you’

Prices from: £450

Do you want a Commitment Ceremony which entwines your lives with promises and love?

A ‘Commitment Ceremony’ tells the world this is the person I want to be with and commit to. Sharing this moment with the people who share both of your lives and who you hold most precious in life. Commitment ceremonies are to celebrate your life-long commitment to each other, without any legalities. It enables you to make a public declaration of your love and unity to each other.

Vows and promises, readings and poetry make this celebrant ceremony super personal and extra special.


Naming and Welcoming Ceremonies

The precious gift of a name…

Prices from: £400

Naming Ceremony

It is said that one of our greatest gifts given, is our name. Something worth celebrating!

I like a growing number of parents, you would like to celebrate the birth of your child but have decided against a christening, alternatives such as a naming ceremony or naming day are becoming increasingly popular. These ceremonies are so unique and a celebration of family and life. The day can include whatever is significant to you all right now in your lives. It will include officially naming your baby or children and wonderful declarations of promises and commitments from significant members of your family and friends. The ceremony can be held outside in your favourite park or at your favourite theatre or restaurant and can include readings, poems and favourite music.

Welcoming Ceremony

This type of celebrant ceremony is beyond precious and enables you to formally welcome either an adopted child or children or stepchildren into your family. This type of ceremony concreates your thoughts and beliefs of the future you all have as one family moving forward. Lots of celebrations and joy surround this type of ceremony. A declaration of promises and commitments from chosen family members and friends. Symbolic unity candle or sand ceremonies are particularly wonderful, allowing the whole family to be involved. Plus, your favourite songs or poems being read, along with your new family stories told, ensure a ceremony which is as unique as your family deserve.


How it all works

let's chat

A quick call to say ‘hello’ and for you to tell me all about your plans, hopes and dreams for your ceremony…
You get to work out if I am the right girl for the ‘job’ and I instantly start creating…. Go to my ‘let’s Chat’ so we can begin your amazingness…

nice to meet you

Our meet up will be just a few weeks on from our telephone chat.
A lovely convenient place and time for us all, whereby, the ‘Love Jo’ paperwork is signed, deposits arranged, and we talk about your ideas and aspirations for the ceremony, which says to the world ‘this is us’…

tell me everything

This is your chance to tell me all about your ‘Love Story’.
Our second meet up will be around three months before your ceremony day and held in your venue. We really begin to dive into your world. Personal content, movement and layout and most importantly we discuss the emotions of love, sadness, joy and laughter which make the magic happen! Plus a helping hand with your selection of symbolic actions, readings, poems or hymns. This is the ‘Big Deal!

Ceremony Design

I have all I need…
We have already met a few times and probably laughed and cried over how your ceremony will feel and look. I then begin writing and creating… There are unlimited revisions and as much contact as needed until you are totally in love and we have ‘The Perfect Ceremony’.

ceremony sign off

Final checks...
The final draft of your ceremony will be with you around four to six weeks before your big day. Signed off…! Your love story is ready to be told...

it's time

This is your day!
I will ensure connection and cooperation with all industry experts if needed on the day (most of whom I have known for over ten years… always very helpful)! Your ceremony begins and the ‘Magic’ happens…

The ceremonies I perform are so personal and unique to you. Let’s talk about your dreams and ideas of what will make itmagical.


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