Your ceremony should be as unique as you...

Unique and Bespoke Ceremonies...

Your love story told your way...

Unique and Bespoke Ceremonies...

Creating the magic together...

Unique and Bespoke Ceremonies...

Do you have the most exquisite plans and ideas for your Ceremony?

Your Ceremony

Let us work together to create your own magical ceremony - from stylish city chic to rustic outdoor wonders, from lavish lawn extravaganzas to river edge camper vans, from hundreds of loving guests in stately homes to that exclusive heartfelt few on the shore edge.

What matters is what’s important. So let's capture your magic and create your dream ceremony.
Types of ceremonies
Wedding Ceremony
Do you want a Wedding Ceremony that is fabulous, flawless and unforgettable? Find out more
Vow Renewal Ceremony
Do you want a Vow Renewal Ceremony which tells of your love story in all its glory? Find out more
Commitment Ceremony
Do you want a Commitment Ceremony which entwines your lives with promises and love? Find out more
Naming & Welcoming Ceremony
It is said that one of our greatest gifts given, is our name. Something worth celebrating! Find out more

This is me

Trust your story to be outstanding and then trust me to deliver it with the inspiration it deserves.

Being a celebrant is the most EXCITING thing ever. To be able to deliver the most unique, spectacular ceremony for you is the most humble and joyful of experiences for me.
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